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Offshore Process

Define Staffing

Motive Solutions Representative sits down with the client for a discovery session in order to work out:-
- Operational requirements
- Current Staffing levels
- Required skills and experience
- Detailed job descriptions

Set Budget

Motive Solutions will develop a detailed offshoring budget based on your staffing requirements.

The budget includes:-

- Staffing levels at their respective levels (manager, sub-ordinate, etc)
- Rates for each of the positions
- Coverage for each position (8 hrs, 16 hrs, 24 hrs)

The final cost will depend on the actual staff you select and the package you choose. We will discuss and agree this with you for each staffing level requirement.

Agree on Terms

Motive Solutions will send the client a draft services agreement which will clearly define our terms of service.

This agreement will need to be signed and agreed upon with an initial deposit before any staff can be assigned.

Motive solutions will define in the services agreement the exact support services Motive will be providing to your business.

Because the services can be tailored to your needs, the services agreement will contain details of your specific requirements

Develop Staffing Plan

One of our operation managers will contact you to discuss your operational agreed requirements and plan the following:-
- Workforce Roster
- Vacation period coverage
- Requirement for offshore staff to travel to Australia and the circumstances under which this would happen
- Performance and measurable KPIs
- Training Plan

Operations Manager is there to ensure that the offshore experience is seamless, painless and efficient. They will help engage with the Offshore Staff members, and will provide the training tools you’ll need to help your staff better understand and engage with the Offshore Staff

Assign, Brand & Orientate

Motive Solutions:-
- will assign existing staff
- will recruit staff according to the level set out in the agreement and the staffing plan
- has contacts with all the recruitment agencies, universities and government agencies to ensure that staff allocated to our company are at the highest calibre

Motive Solutions will give all your new team members an on-boarding pack to welcome them. The pack includes:-
- branded polo shirts
- a stationary pack
- a staff handbook

Motive Solutions will ensure the office area they are located in will be clearly marked with company themes and logos (this depends on the level of staffing)

Desk Phones and desktops will be given to team members

On-Going Support

Once the offshore team has commenced, we will work with you to continually improve performance

We will monitor and report any KPIs set in the contractual phase (ensure that these KPIs are measurable)

Provide any team building events and quarterly staff functions and other random team-building activities

We want to ensure that staff are retained and knowledge is kept and shared

Ensure that any annual leave is reported a month in advance

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