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In The Warehouse

Oracle LogFire provides omnichannel functionality and total inventory management from the manufacturing source to the end user.

In The Store

Oracle LogFire helps retailers fulfill consumer purchases however, where’ve and whenever they are made.


Oracle LogFire fulfils eCommerce orders faster and more accurately. A connected solution for connected customers.

While our competitors require substantial up-front investments, heavy consulting fees, ongoing IT support cost, and annual maintenance fees, LogFire does not.

Our focus is on helping warehouses and distribution centers adapt to business and market changes by leveraging ongoing technological innovation. LogFire delivers the industry’s broadest and deepest cloud-based warehouse management solution available on the market today.

Customers benefit from cloud-based multi-tenant infrastructure, free upgrades, and system support at no additional cost. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pricing model means you only pay for what you use and need.

Customers relying on LogFire to power their fulfillment operations:

- Increase Labor Productivity – System directed activities and Task Interleaving, combined with the elimination of paperwork and manual data entry result in significant productivity gains in direct labor.
- Improve Customer Satisfaction – Having the right product at the right time and place increases sales and allows companies to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by reducing short ships, shipping errors, and missed deliveries.
- Improve Space Utilization – Optimize product storage using rules established for the facility. Better product organization yields space savings.
- Increase Inventory Accuracy – Provide visibility to real-time inventory to gain inventory and warehouse accuracy and reduce safety stock levels, eliminate lost product and reduce overstocks.
- Improve Shipment Accuracy – Eliminate the potential for shipping mistakes by providing an accurate way to pick orders by scanning the barcodes and verifying the product being picked.
- Reduce Fulfillment Costs – A lower cost per order, increased storage capacity within the center, reduced freight costs, and improved service levels results in overall reduced fulfillment costs.
- Improve Inventory Visibility – A centralized global view of inventory allows managers to view the movement of their inventory and ascertain the accuracy of all inbound activity, inventory on hand, and outbound shipments across all facilities in real time.

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